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Contest: What’s in Your Pockets?

Send us your photos and win a REVERSE GEAR Jersey and 24 bars – see details for submitting below…

REVERSE GEAR pockets hold valuables securely

REVERSE GEAR pockets hold valuables securely

REVERSE GEAR (RG) is proud of its innovation. We put zippers on both our front and side pockets so that active athletes – especially recumbent and hand cyclists – could securely store and easily reach their food and valuables while continuing down the trails.

We know these zipped pockets are valuable in other sports too. Judi carries three hours worth of food as well as her camera and cell phone when she walks half-marathons.

The zipped pockets are also useful for: walkers, runners, hikers, kayakers, canoeists, cross-country skiers, golfers and wheelchair athletes.

We also know from surveys that more than 60% of recumbent cyclists have lost valuables on the trail. One recent story on Facebook told how a cyclist was going back-and-forth on a muddy trail trying to find lost car keys.

Chevron pocket contents

Valuables and food stay safe in zipped side pockets of the REVERSE GEAR Chevron

We debated with many people over the past six years of designing about the right size and location of the pockets. So we thought we would share our thinking with you:

  1. RG pockets are zipped so that valuables can be carried securely. And you don’t have to carry a bag or pannier on your cycle – which you must remember to take with you when you get off your cycle.
  2. They are low so that if you are carrying a heap of food and/or electronics, they are sitting comfortably below the belt, and not pressing on your solar plexus. Some pockets are in the side panels so they sit further out of the way.
  3. The pockets, even though they have a zipper sewn-in, are non-chafing because there are no seams on the inside of the jersey to rub or irritate.
  4. We also designed the pockets to be large so that you can carry a lot of stuff without it falling it out.
RG jersey with food

REVERSE GEAR jerseys hold lots of food for long days

We knew they were LARGE – but we wanted you to see just how large they really are! So we thought we would have a photo contest to demonstrate their value to your riding comfort and enjoyment.

Send your photo(s) and/or description(s) of what you carry in your pockets to contests at 

We will post them on our Blog or Facebook page. We of course prefer photos of REVERSE GEAR pockets, but we will post others too – for comparison.

Every photo entered will give you a chance in a draw on June 15th for a REVERSE GEAR jersey and a box of 24 energy bars.  

24 bars is how many Judi can get in her pockets at one time – along with her cell phone, camera, keys and credit cards of course (you know she won’t need food, but she might need to stop and shop).

Custom Designs

Lightfoot Cycles understand the benefits of a custom jersey.

Lightfoot Cycles understand the benefits of a custom jersey.

Reverse Gear does custom designs in jerseys and shorts. Custom designs are “walking billboards” for manufacturers and retailers. In fact they are a great advertising platform for sponsors too.

People like to identify with their ride – hence the huge succss of Harley-Davidson clothing.

People like to support their local retailers and will generally buy clothing from them – as well as equipment.

People love to bring back memories from trips or special rides.


Custom designs are fully sublimated.

Custom designs are fully sublimated.

Custom jerseys and shorts:

  • evoke memories of an entire “experience”.
  • are more often a favourite jersey than any other ordinary functional clothing item (e.g. people who ride in the MS, Diabetes, Cancer or Ataxia rides).
  • are like bringing back lots of photos – they allow us to re-live the “good times” in our mind – long after we settle back to day-to-day living.

These are also some of the reasons why most fundraising rides either provide a jersey as part of the package or sell them to participants before, during or after a ride. They can also produce an income stream from the jerseys.

RG Greenspeed jersey

Ride in a jersey that tells people how much you love your “ride”

Some of the groups that can benefit from creating custom design work on a jersey are:

  • Cycle Manufacturers – Cyclists are proud of their ride – they will always tell you what they are riding and why.
  • Clubs, Associations, Teams and Individuals – Groups can put their logo on existing gear or have a jersey produced that expresses who they are. Organizations, clubs or associations, can make a profit or create an income stream.
  • Retail Stores – Riders will promote the store every time they ride.
  • Rides, Rallies, Events, and Trade Shows – A jersey can feature sponsors of the event and be either a give-away in the registration package or sold before, during or post- event to raise funds.
  • Travel Touring Groups, Tours – Custom apparel is often worn on group rides to identify the participants to the communities through which they travel.
  • Adapted Sports, Paralympics Events, and Hand-cycling Events – Reverse Gear has adapted sportswear but styles can be further adapted to suit special needs of specific sports and/or customized for organizations such as Wounded Warriors.
Use your imagination

Use your imagination

Custom work can range from having a logo printed on existing garments to having a garment fully sublimated (where the design/artwork is printed right into the fabric). It can also include the creation of new patterns and styles to accommodate specific needs. For example, the Chevron line was created because there was a request for large zippered pockets on the side of the jersey.

Shorts can also be customized with either sublimated panels or custom logos printed on standard gear.

There are no limits on the imagination of the creative!!!

Contact REVERSE GEAR for a quote on your custom design.


ADAPTIVE SPORTSWEAR sponsors Lima Foxtrot program 2014

square_logoADAPTIVE SPORTSWEAR  (a division of REVERSE GEAR Inc.) is proud to be a sponsor of the Lima Foxtrot program.

There are six events being held from April to September 2014 at the Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, AL.


To be eligible for the Lima Foxtrot Programs for Injured Military, the service member must have sustained a severe physical injury during their time of service on or after September 11, 2001. Both active duty and veterans are eligible.

  • Operation Perseverance (April 2-6) is for military personnel who have sustained physical injuries for an introduction to Paralympic sports. Clinics will be led by Paralympic athletes and coaches.  Sports included are: Archery, Biathlon, Cycling, Shooting, Sitting Volleyball, Sled Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Triathlon and Wheelchair Basketball. Sessions on nutrition, strength and conditioning and goal setting will be included.
  • Operation Night Vision (May 28 – June 1) is designed for servicemen and women who have sustained a significant eye injury or vision loss. This operation is made possible by funding from the EyeSight Foundation of Alabama and Wounded Warrior Project®.
  • Operation Refocus (June 25-29) is a program for servicewomen who have sustained spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, vision impairments, amputations, burns, and/or disfigurements while serving on or after September 11, 2001. A female-only event, it gives an opportunity to address the needs which are specific to women and focus on the mind, body and spirit. This Operation is funded by HillCrest Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project.
  • Operation Down Home (July 16-20) introduces the entire family of servicemen and women who have sustained a significant injury or vision loss to recreational sports opportunities. Qualifying injuries included but not limited to spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, vision impairments, amputations, burns, and/or disfigurements. This camp is limited to families, and is made possible by funding from Wounded Warrior Project.
  • Operation Alpha (August 6-10) is designed for servicemen and women who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.  This operation is made possible by funding from Wounded Warrior Project.
  • Operation Rise and Conquer (September 24-28) is an extended outdoor adventure weekend for servicemen and women who have sustained a significant injury or vision loss. The weekend begins at Lakeshore and moves on to Lake Martin, located near Alexander City, Ala., for a variety of challenging outdoor recreation activities. Qualifying injuries included but not limited to spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, vision impairments, amputations, burns, and/or disfigurements. This operation is made possible by funding from Wounded Warrior Project.

For more information about the programs and to apply, visit for an application.

The mission of Lakeshore Foundation is to serve individuals with physical disabilities and chronic health conditions to live healthy, active and independent lives. To learn more about Lakeshore Foundation, visit

A participant in each of the six programs will be provided with an ADAPTIVE SPORTSWEAR  jersey. Review

Warren Beauchamp wrote this review some time ago – but everything he said then is still true about our clothing today. In fact, because our clothing is of such high quality, some folks out there are still wearing their original purchases (and we have been around for almost six years now). We have summarized what Warren said about Reverse Gear, but you can go here for the full review on the site.

Reverse Gear makes a line of clothing designed for recumbent bicycle (and trike!) riders. It’s high quality clothing …

The jerseys all have zippered front pockets that can be opened and closed with one hand while riding. The shorts have an extra layer in the crotch area. It’s not a pad like tradition bike shorts, but more of a soft layer to prevent chafing. In addition it is excellent for us folks that prefer not to wear anything under our bike shorts.

The Reverse Gear line of clothing is designed for comfort, just like recumbent bicycles…   They also are cut different on the bottom. Standard jerseys are longer in the back than the front, Reverse Gear jerseys are the same length all the way around, and are a bit longer than traditional jerseys. The jerseys are made in a wide range of sizes all the way up to 4XL.

The material is wicking and after half a season of riding with various Reverse Gear jerseys I can say that they feel and work fine.

Reverse Gear men's cycle short

Sleek and with a comfortable ‘bent-liner (TM).

[The] Reverse Gear Men’s Shorts are a bit shorter than average bike shorts and are very comfortable. The extra layer of what looks like a fleece material prevents the shorts from riding up, and the relaxed fit prevents any binding of sensitive anatomy. The fit in the legs seems a bit looser than normal bike shorts, but the elastic is wide and they are tight enough to keep them in place and prevent air from getting in. (For photos and descriptions of liner – see original review.)


I have tested both the short sleeve Boab and the long sleeve Mulga 3 models. Because I have a long torso, I often have issue where the tight fitting waist of traditional roadie jerseys causes them to ride up my stomach. Because these are cut for recumbent bikes and are as long in front as in back, they do not have this issue.

These jerseys have now been washed many times and are not fading or coming apart. They seem to be quite durable.

…See those pockets? They work very well. I can open and close them with one hand and they are very handy for keys, bars, and other items that don’t mind being sweated on.

Graeme Obree movie – Kickstarter Campaign

Journey Pictures Ltd has just completed the filming of a documentary covering two years in the life of twice world record holder and twice world champion, cyclist icon Graeme Obree. It began in his kitchen in Saltcoats, Ayrshire in 2011 and… just ended in September 2013 in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Graeme Obree is a very dedicated human powered speed racer.

Journey Pictures is delighted to announce that the KICKSTARTER Campaign for the documentary “THE OUTSIDER: Graeme Obree’s Story” is doing very well. They have alreday amassed more than £ 14.000 and 313 backers with only 5 days to go until the deadline. The response is massive and people are definitely interested.

If you would like to contribute, HERE IS THE LINK:
They are trying to raise £20,000 to cover the cost of the editing and the completion of the final big screen version.

RG Sponsors Recumbent Cycle-Con


REVERSE GEAR is a sponsor of the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con Convention & Trade Show with Adaptive Cycling Fair . We fully support this event, even though we cannot attend this year. If you are attending, look for REVERSE GEAR jerseys and coupons.
This is a great opportunity to see and ride all the newest recumbents from the world’s leading manufacturers in one place. You can get a first-hand look at all the new equipment and accessories that make recumbent riding more fun and efficient.  Whether you take in a demo ride, or attend one of the many seminars and workshops, you will be joined by many other recumbent enthuisasts.
In conjunction with the trade show, the Adaptive Cycling Fair at Recumbent Cycle-Con is an event that supports cycling for everyone regardless of age or ability with trial rides on a variety of adaptive bikes and an introduction to a variety of specialized accessories.
The trade show runs from 9 am, Friday, November 1 to 4 pm, Sunday November 3, 2013 at The Fairplex, 1101 West Mckinley Avenue, Pomona, California .

To register for the event, click here.

To follow the event on Facebook, click here.


Free Socks

If you help a friend find Reverse Gear – we will give you a pair of socks
– not just any socks but Holofiber performance-enhancing socks* (see video).

All you have to do is ask your friends to:
1) click here to sign up for the Reverse Gear Newsletter (or go to and click on NEWSLETTER in left column); and
2) put your email address in the field that says “How I found REVERSE GEAR”.

When they have signed up, we will contact you to get your size.
Then we will send you a FREE pair of Arriva socks to enhance your riding performance.

You can refer as many friends as you want and we will send you socks when they sign-up.
And your friends can get socks too, if their friends sign up for the newsletter.
We thank you for sharing this with your friends.

If you do not hear from us, send us an email with your sock size and the name of the friend that you referred.

Selling 38 ft Motorhome

An early stop for RG Bargy

An early stop for RG Bargy

In 2009, Reverse Gear went on the road  to visit cycle shops, events and trade shows across North America.  To travel we purchased a 2000 Newmar Dutchstar  38-foot diesel pusher RV, which we nicknamed RG Bargy. It was roomy and comfortable, with enough room in the basement to store our two trikes as well as the golf clubs. We lived in it full-time and travelled across Canada and the United States – having the time of our lives.

In the first year, we travelled mostly in the east covering to North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ohio – before returning to Toronto. In the second year, we did North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Year three found us on the road again to California for Recumbent Cycle-Con.

During those years on the road we met hundreds of recumbent cyclists and brought  many fond memories back with us to Canada.

Due to circumstances, we are no longer able to travel. So with sadness, we are selling our 38 ft. Class A motor-home and settling back in Toronto.

If you know of anyone who is seeking to enjoy the mobile lifestyle in a reasonably-priced older RV – that is in excellent condition – please let us know. We would be happy to discuss the features of the RV, including many upgrades we made to the engine and the interior. We would also be happy to discuss the lifestyle with anyone who is considering it. This vehicle is ideal for: short-term travel or taking a couple of snowbirds south for the winter, as we did. It is large enough to enjoy living in it as full-timers. or it could be enjoyed as a part-time summer or winter home.

For a list of features, go to:

Or watch this video tour: 2000 Newmar Dutchstar – For Sale

The RV is currently available for viewing in London, Ontario.

An HHR Toad is also available, complete with installed Blue Ox towing and Even-Brake braking systems – if you are interested.

Price for either / both are negotiable.


Recumbent Cycling Jersey has pockets you can stuff

REVERSE GEAR Jazzed Cycle Jersey Review0001

Reverse Gear Jazzed jersey

The RG Jazzed recumbent jersey gets reviewed

We love our zipped pockets for safely carrying a variety of items while cycling on a recumbent. And we were excited to see that Brian Zupke did too in this review othe REVERSE GEAR recumbent cycling jerseys  that was published in Recumbent & Tandem Rider magazine, Issue #38.

We, like Brian think that pockets are more useful on the front, but if you are a rider who prefers side pockets, we also designed the Chevron. The main difference between ours and other recumbent jerseys is that our pockets are zipped so things don’t fall out while you ride and/or walk.

RG Chevron cycle jersey

Side "zipped" pockets on Chevron

And in the review, Brian also answers the question about where the pockets on the front feel more comfortable. We designed them low so that the gear you are carrying is not sitting on your solar plexus. I, just like Brian, carry heaps of stuff like cameras, cell phone and food, none of which I want to lose.  When we surveyed a group of recumbent riders we found out that 60% had lost something while riding. We believe that’s because the reclined position makes it more likely that stuff will slide out of open, or evne elasticised pockets. They fall out of zipped pockets if you forget to close them too, as Len found out on one ride.

Read the review for yourself to find out why Brian likes the pockets. He also said: “As for the rest of the jersey, I like it.” And his wife said this of the fact that it is in a Unisex styling: “Overall she liked it and said she’ wear it.”

The conclusion of this review is: “Reverse Gear’s Jazzed unisex jersey is a great shirt. It’s well made, comfortable, has nice art and its pockets are truly functional. They’ll keep your gear accessible and more importantly, secure.”

What Brian didn’t know is that necklines on REVERSE GEAR recumbent cycling jerseys have been cut lower to make them more comfortable in the reclined / recumbent  position.

Why do you like wearing Reverse Gear jerseys? Comfort? Function?


Recumbent Cycling Shorts – Comfort & Quality

REVERSE GEAR Cycling Shorts Review0001

Reverse Gear men's cycle short
Sleek and comfortable

A few days ago, I received an email from a customer who said to tell you this about our shorts: “Your shorts are twice as expensive as others I’ve used but they’ve
lasted 4 times longer

I got the current pair of Reverse Gear shorts about 2 years ago at Amlings Cycle in Niles, IL. Since then I’ve gone through at least half a dozen pair of other shorts. So, at this point I’m just wearing the RG shorts til one of us wears out.” – DF,

Today I received an order from another customer for 3 pair of our shorts. Curious, I asked him if the previously purchased shorts were worn out yet. His reply: “Oh no! I have left my others in Colorado and I needed some more for my Florida home.”  -JG, FL (It sure is nice to be a snowbird at this time of the year and cycle all year-round. I know we enjoyed the chance for three winters. This year sadly my trike is in the garage in Toronto and I’m looking out the window at snow – again. )
These two messages prompted me to share a review of our shorts which was published in Recumbent & Tandem Rider, Issue #38 (see link above). I enjoyed Brian Zupke’s sense of humor in the article, but we know he wasn’t kidding about this statement: “At $95 a pair, they’re at the higher end of the price range, but then again they’re at the higher end of the quality scale, too.”
We think our shorts have real value if they last twice as long as the other shorts out there. At 4 times longer as Dan suggests above, the value proposition is definitely there for you.  In fact I am still wearing the first pair I ever made and we have been in business now since 2008.
Not only do the shorts have a good economical value, but they also have a comfort factor built-in that makes them unique. The soft, absorbent, non-bulky ‘bent-liner (TM) is designed to prevent chafing in both the crotch and leg area. They keep you comfortable and dry longer while riding in Florida heat or Toronto winters.
What do you like best about REVERSE Gear shorts?