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London Bike Festival 2015 – a little damp

Unfortunately, there are only so many things you can control.

We were present at the London Bike Festival on June 27 here in London, Ontario, and the weather (for a bike festival) was awful! It had been a wonderful week leading up to the event, but on the day the skies opened. The organizers pressed ahead but it must have had an impact on numbers attending, which is a real pity given how hard the volunteers worked leading up to and on the day.

London Bike Festival - Phoenix jerseyLondon bike festival 2015 - Brooke in WilgaWe still provided a range of our clothing for the fashion show – thank you to our models, Jordan and Brooke, who were awesome! On the left is our Phoenix jersey and Ironbark shorts; on the right is our Wilga 3 jersey and Corkwood shorts (click on any of the pictures to see them in detail).

There were a number of charity rides with information on display – including the MS Grand Bend to London and the MEC Century Ride. There was also material from the City of London on transport infrastructure, current and planned. An outstanding face-painter was also doing some incredible work throughout the day.

London Bike Festival - Blush BanksiaLondon Bike Festival - Blue AshBrooke also showed our Banksia jersey and matching shorts, while Jordan also wore our new Blue Ash jersey – and demonstrated how good the new reflective trim is in the less than ideal conditions!

We weren’t the only ones with apparel on show – MEC also presented some of their very nice clothing and there was a display of bike clothing of days gone by, from members of the Tweed Ride in London.

London Fashion Show 2015Here we are all on stage during the fashion show. Fingers crossed for better weather next year!

Reverse Gear in a Fashion Show

London Bike Festival 2015 poster

This Saturday, June 27, is the London Bike Festival in London, Ontario, Canada. There’s music and food and bike stores and activities. It’s in a great location – Springbank Gardens, beside the river in London.

As one small part of the day, we’re going to be taking part in a fashion show! We’re pretty excited to be involved. If you’re in the area and would like to see what’s happening in the London bike scene, come on down.

New product released

Blue Ash recumbent jersey from behindIf you haven’t already signed up for our newsletters, you’re missing out. We’ve announced a new jersey! It’s exciting times at Reverse Gear HQ and we look forward to hearing what you think of it.

The newsletter is already available in our archive and you’ll find the new jersey in our store!

Be sure to sign up for future newsletters on our website’s home page and also on our Facebook page. That way, you’ll be sure to hear the latest from us as soon as possible.

Technology – bringing the races to you

TransAm 2015

There’s another (very) long distance event happening this month and that’s the Trans Am Bike Race 2015. It’s a race along the Transamerica Trail, 4,200+miles from the Western Oregon coast to Yorktown, Virginia, and it started two days ago.

It’s quite different to RAAM in that it’s an open race – no entry fee, no prize money, anyone can enter and a good race time could be anywhere from 12 to 40 days depending on the rider’s goals and experience.

Unlike RAAM, the riders have to consider food and water supply themselves, including the potential for treating whatever water they can find during certain sections. While there will be lots of opportunities to restock from the towns and cities passed through, this is more bikepacking in style than RAAM.

So, where does the technology come in? Trans Am is using spot satellite trackers and TrackLeaders, a tracking service, to follow the riders as they move across the country. You can literally watch as the riders progress through each day on a live map. It’s quite addictive to follow them!

RAAM will have even more live data and reports available through their chosen service, RideFarther, that looks like it will be combining video, news and pictures as well as the satellite tracking map once that event starts later this month.

If you haven’t tried this kind of tracking system before, you’ll be surprised quite how engaging it can be for these kinds of events. When combined with some of the rider’s own online updates, it can really bring an event alive.

June means RAAM

RAAM logo June is an exciting month for endurance cycling fans as it’s peanut-butter-RAAM-time! The world’s toughest endurance bicycle event kicks off on June 16 in Oceanside, California, and then races coast to coast to finish in Annapolis, Maryland, three thousand miles later.

If you’re following a team, they’ll be done in five to nine-ish days; if you’re following the solo riders (who are the really tough cookies), it’ll be in the seven to twelve day range. Twelve days is the cut-off: you have to complete within 12 days to be considered a RAAM Finisher.

There are no rest days either, it’s not so much ‘ride, eat, sleep, repeat’ as ‘ride, eat-ride, ride, sleep, ride, ride some more, repeat’. RAAM’s own website says that a solo racer can’t sleep more than 4 hours a day to get in under the 12 day limit. If I do only a couple of 4-hr nights in a row, I’m a little wonky; I can’t imagine 12 days in a row – plus riding at least 250 miles a day every day while awake.

The Ataxian movieWhile you wait for the event to start, I encourage you to watch The Ataxian, a feature-length documentary about Kyle Bryant, unable to walk due to Friedreich’s ataxia, and the rest of his team as they attempted RAAM 2010. The movie’s world premiere is on June 6. It’s a pretty remarkable story.

New prices released

RG logoIf you haven’t seen already, we’ve been working hard on our new prices this weekend. We’ve also identified a few product lines that we will be discontinuing and you can see these specials on our home page. Our aim has been to simplify some of our pricing and ensure that it is consistent. A big change that we are very proud of is that there will no longer be a surcharge for the larger sizes! We just want to offer you our range of excellent products at a more competitive price. The clothing will continue to be proudly made in North America with the same high standards you’ve come to expect from Reverse Gear. We will still offer the high levels of customer service you have always received. Absolutely nothing changes but the affordability of our products.

You can look forward to future changes designed purely to make your active life even easier.

As we like to say, same quality but better. Enjoy!

Gaynor & Jon

Same quality but better

RG logo

We know the quality of Reverse Gear apparel is first class, we have no concerns there. We have a new batch of shorts on the way and a classic jersey is being revised for 2015 – they should be in very soon. We’re eagerly awaiting the first new product under our management and will be very pleased to release it just as soon as we can. We’re planning further products already and changes to our site to make it clearer, easier to use and more helpful.

However… this coming weekend, we will be revising our regular pricing – we’ve been listening and we can see some room for improvement that will help convince you to try our gear and see for yourselves why it’s the best clothing for reclined, recumbent and other leisure activities. This is new regular pricing, not temporary sales and we will be keeping things as simple as possible.

Be sure to check out our store this weekend. Share the good news…

Jon & Gaynor

Calvin Challenged me again

Well, Calvin’s Challenge 2015 has come and gone. The weather was just about perfect – only a little wind, sunny, ideal. This was prior to the start, around 6.30am on May 2:
Calvin's Challenge - dawn start

I was pleased on the whole, as I managed 179.5 miles in the 12hrs. Not quite my best (by 7 miles) but I knew my training was down for a number of reasons this year so I surprised myself with what I accomplished. That’s what Calvin’s is all about in the end, challenging yourself and seeing how far you can go in the time available.

Recumbents had a very good year this year, taking both the top male and female distances – congratulations Maria Parker (257 miles) and Larry Oslund (264 miles), who both received a white Championship jersey from the UMCA. As well they should – those are both monster distances.

Now the funny part. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve ‘owned the podium’ in the past, as I was the only trike in my age category. There are very few trikes taking part typically so that’s not surprising. This year, however, I was on a Bacchetta Corsa – and by some quirk of fate, I was the only male recumbent in my age range… so another year of owning the podium!

Calvin's - own the podiumI swear it’s accidental, I don’t study the categories and pick the one with no competition!

So many events, so little time

We’ve been adding some more events to the RG Calendar to keep you even busier this year.

Team Canada Wheelchair Rugby is playing an exhibition game in Victoria, British Columbia in May. In June, there is the mighty

RAAM logo

In Iowa in July, there is


Also in July and August, the Pan Am & Parapan Am Games are in Toronto, Ontario

Pan Am Games logo

In Ohio in September, there’s the

RCC logo

In Chicago in October, there’s

CUBE logo

If you don’t recognize these events and logos, go explore the RG Calendar and find something new to enjoy this year. If you do go, let us know – we’d love to hear about it. If we go, we’ll let you know.

If you have a relevant event that you’d like to see included on our calendar, please get in touch.

Special offer for Calvin’s Challenge participants!

We are very pleased to offer free shipping to Calvin’s Challenge participants for any orders placed between now and April 30. Your orders will be available for collection during registration on Friday May 1 from me, Jon Deeks, since I will be there taking part in the 12h challenge again.

Browse our website for custom recumbent and adaptive sports apparel and avoid the cost of shipping to the event. Riding in our clothing will add at least an extra 7 mile loop to your distance on the day, for sure…

almost certainly…


you’ll look fabulous…

Just use the coupon code ‘CALVINS2015′ at checkout and contact us directly if you have any questions. Good luck to everyone taking part!